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It was time to create a very own piece of music. That was why some of my favorite musician friends and me met at Mishka Wilke’s great studio to start a recording session. They wanted to put authentic music on analog tape. The idea behind the name of the record refers to Shelly Manne’s album 234 which means duo, trio, quartet. We recorded this album in 3 sessions, the first one as a trio, the other two with four musicians. That is why we called it 344.

It was very important to me to make a record which fully reflects my aspiration concerning sound and visual aspects.

Out of different reasons we recorded everything analog. I tried to take the original sound and adapt it to the present. But I also paid a lot attention to the whole process, because it is a very different feeling to make music if the recorded material is limited.

I am aware of the fact that this kind of music doesn’t reflect the Zeitgeist. I believe that good music is timeless  and recommend to listen to this album without paying attention to current trends.

If you like to buy this album click here: jazziki344@gmail.com

Jazziki Cover

Or go to bandcamp: http://jazziki.bandcamp.com

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