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This class teaches you how to play drums. It will show you the right techniques to play as well as different styles and music genres for example Pop, Jazz, Funk. It will also prepare you for playing with a band.We are practicing in a musical context. This means you can choose to play together with the teacher, other students or simply music.
Drums are provided, just bring your sticks and go for it!


My Offer:

–  50min/ 30min (2 or 4 x a month)
–  Private tutoring & Group lesson
–  adapting the concept to individual goals and ambitions
–  Rehearsal room (+ Drum-Set)
–  Additional rehearsals by arrangement
–  Basic training (learn the essential techniques )
–  Work sheets copies
–  learn using play-a-longs
–  Advice round about drums
–  Recommendations of bands and additional teachers
–  Stylistic analysis for example Jazz, Rock, Alternative, Funk
–  Sheet music, rhythm instructions
–  Group lessons by agreement
–  Good advice from a practicing drummer
–  Flexible dates
–  Studio with windows and daylight

Curriculum: Download PDF
Teaching Jobs: Download PDF

Classes take place here:

FEZ  I  An der Wuhlheide 197  I  12459 Berlin


Monday –Wednesday by appointment

Attendance fee: Download PDF

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